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WorldHempire was born in July 2017. It was founded by Emmanuel Byron, a disabled Army combat veteran. On his journey of fighting to regain a normal healthy life, Emmanuel was introduced to CBD Oil. Before trying CBD, he was often told to use weed to help with his issues. That was not an option since after leaving the military, he was employed by the Federal government; which made him subject to routine drug testing.

Still, he knew that there had to be other alternatives. The cocktails of pills were worsening his conditions while causing other issues. He also witnessed his fellow Veterans suffering from having a lack of options. After personally experiencing the benefits of CBD oil, it became a mission of his to share his experience and also to make CBD oil more readily available to his fellow battle buddies. As WorldHempire has grown, it's mission has also changed to helping all demographics of people benefit from CBD Oil.

Worldhempire is not just a CBD company. Worldhempire is a voice for the voiceless citizens around the world that have been deceived into thinking that cannabidiol is not beneficial for our bodies.

Our mission is to be a trustworthy source for everything CBD. Worldhempire also feels a moral obligation to place people before profits.


Wasn’t to sure on what products to buy. It was my first-time taking CBD to fight my anxiety. They were extremely helpful.

Eric Mitchell

Amazing products, incredible quality. Cory the owner is friendly and authentic. Highly recommend his CBD products.  

Gary Singletary

I heard of a lot of benefits of CBD. But I had no clue on what type of CBD to buy. I felt completely lost. The Worldhempire staff walked me though the process. They even followed up with me to see if I had any further questions. 

Julie Cruz


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