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WorldHempire was founded in July 2017 by a disabled Army combat veteran. While on his journey of fighting to regain a normal healthy life; he became intrigued about CBD Oil and natural health products.
He knew that there had to be other alternatives to prescription drugs. The cocktails of pills were worsening his conditions and causing other health issues. He also witnessed his fellow Veterans suffering from having a lack of options. After personally experiencing the benefits of CBD oil and other holistic products, It became a mission of his to share his experience and also to make holistic care products readily available to his fellow battle buddies. WorldHempire believes in a whole health approach to healing and staying healthy. WorldHempire also offers our customers with quality herbs superfoods and natural products.
WorldHempire holds a moral obligation to place people before profits.

Commitment to our Veterans

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WorldHempire Wellness Clinic

511 E 36th St Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28205 

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