How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Determining the best amount of daily CBD for your body can be a challenging quest, but it is worth the effort. There are countless reasons people have turned to CBD oil in recent years. There is an abundant amount of research that is being invested into CBD oil and new studies are being published on its advantages every day.

If you are a new user of CBD oil, you probably have questions. One of the first questions many have when beginning to use CBD oil: how much CBD oil should I take? When it comes to our health, we want to make sure to take enough product to be effective without overdoing it.

CBD comes in a variety of forms, from capsules to tinctures to edibles. With each comes a different recommendation. This page is meant to be a guideline for how much CBD oil to take. There will be a trial period as you figure out the proper amount of CBD oil for you.

No One-Size-Fits-All Serving Size

With CBD oil, there’s no one-size-fits-all serving size. We know this may seem daunting, but do not fret! With experimentation, you can find the perfect baseline. The results are well worth it.

Two people taking CBD for the same reason may find their optimal serving sizes to be completely different. As with any health-related adjustment, our bodies react differently to CBD oil. That being said, trying CBD oil presents the opportunity to listen to your body and discover the right amount of CBD oil that works for you.

The perfect serving size of CBD oil is different for everyone: some need more, others need less. It’s up to your experimentation to uncover the right amount of CBD to meet your body’s needs. As you’re shopping, keep in mind that CBD hemp oil products come in different forms with their own potencies and serving sizes.

Our Recommendation

Depending on what product you choose, there will be different consumption instructions. Different brands will recommend different serving sizes; make sure to read each label carefully. We recommend following the label’s serving suggestions for one week. After a week of consistent usage, assess how the product is working for you.

Many people will find the recommended serving to be enough for their needs, but it has been reported that some people prefer to take 2-4 times more than marked on the package. We recommend starting with the lowest serving size and working your way up from there.

If you feel the CBD product is not working for you after a week of consistent use, increase your serving size week by week until satisfied.

What are the Side Effects of Taking Too Much CBD Oil?

There are not many known side effects of taking more CBD hemp oil than recommended. However, the most common side effects are rather mild. When extra CBD has been ingested, some have found themselves more fatigued than usual. People sensitive to oils have reported an upset stomach after taking large serving sizes. Again, we suggest starting with the lowest serving size and working your way from there.

Have Any Other Questions?

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