Disabled Veteran’s CBD Support Program

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As a veteran owned company, Being able to serve others is what keeps us motivated. Today we no longer wear the uniform of the American Warrior. We still refuse to leave a fellow warrior behind. WorldHempire also advocates for veterans. Our vision is to see veterans have access to all the support they deserve. In 2019 veterans are still being prescribed a cocktail of prescription painkillers. Our mission is to provide veterans with a holistic and natural alternative to those “drugs.”
WorldHempire provides discounts to all first responders. As a small token of our appreciation, all disabled veterans with a service-connected rating of 100% are qualified to receive 50% off on all purchases. Veterans are required to pay for shipping.
Veterans face challenges of adjustment and transition, post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, and physical disabilities when veterans feel hopeless and alone; many commit suicide. On average our nation loses 22 warriors a day to their own hands.
WorldHempire wants to bring that number to zero. It takes a united nation to be a powerful one. The VA is unable to fight this battle alone. Join WorldHempire in helping our warriors live. 
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